Some of our readers may know Rebecca Standley from her local play cafe, Full of Beans. We sat down to talk with her about her relationship with Port Alberni. Rebecca moved her family to Port Alberni in 2013 when her husband Shawn was offered a job at West Coast General.

Although she was new to the Valley, her husband Shawn had previously lived on the island. She and her husband opened their business here in Port Alberni in 2016 and have enjoyed being business owners in the Valley.

When asked the question “If you could do one thing to make the Alberni Valley a better place what would you do?” she responded by sharing her hope that the community could start to look for the positive in Port Alberni, rather than all the negative. She let us in our her favourite semi-secret place in Port Alberni, the swimming hole on the back side of Hole in the Wall.

Rebecca’s typical day in the Alberni Valley obviously starts with a cup of coffee, after arriving at their cafe to open up shop. From there, her day is full of running errands, cleaning, cooking and hanging out with many of Port Alberni’s families at the play cafe. On top of busy days running the cafe, she has her own children to shuttle around to different activities. When she isn’t on the work clock, she enjoys spending time with her family and exploring the Valley by hiking and boating.

Along with her enthusiasm for Port Alberni’s outdoor areas, Rebecca is a part of many of Port Alberni groups including the; Capitol Theatre Players, Port Alberni Highland Dance Association, Uptown Merchants, and Woman in Business. Port Alberni’s Fall Fair is Rebecca’s favourite Port Alberni event because she used to attend her own hometowns fairs.

Some of Rebecca’s fondest memories of Port Alberni include viewing the bears down at Victoria Quay and visiting Stamp Falls. We asked Rebecca if there was anyone in Port Alberni that has had an impact in her life in a positive way and she was more than happy to tell us about Jill Longeuay. Jill is a retired education assistant who encouraged Rebecca to run for school board trustee.

If you haven’t met Rebecca Standley yet, consider joining one of the many organizations she volunteers with. I am sure they will welcome your contributions.